About Us

Welcome to KosmossArt

Kosmos` from Greek meaning “order, world, universe”

Because it is time to reestablish coherence . . . And to create, live and connect in harmony with Nature


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We consider throughly the processes and resources required to make any kind of clothing by choosing only Organically sourced and Sustainably made materials, from natural fabrics to only plant based eco friendly sewing threads. 

We make every thing with the love of Creation, valueing fair and loving collaboration with people, animals and the Earth.

Every garment is designed, cut, sewn, completed and packed- all by the hands of few local artisians in Latvia to ensure quality and loving care. This makes every item to be an unique artwork, made especially for You.



 Unlock a World of Purpose and Beauty with Our Mission-driven Products.


Our deeper vision through design is to ignite the consciousness about the connection with nature, with one another and truly with Your own self, and in that way with the Universe.

Why through the art of handmade garments?

Because clothing is like a second skin- it protects and provides the communication between the inner and the outer world, connecting and igniting the magic between . . .



Co-creating with the Elementals


Plants are light made matter, so are the fabrics. By knowing this, we choose to create the opportunity for you to wrap yourself in the natural, breathable and made with high frequency clothing, so your true identity can express.

Activating and remembering through softness, comfort and free flow.

Because, in our creativity we are inspired with the idea of making change that we want to see in the world, so we follow Eco fashion, wearable art concept and slow fashion processes to ensure sustainability in all that we do.



The symbols unlock the mysteries of Ourselves


Based in the country near the Baltic Sea, we honour our roots and the Ancient wisdom this land shares. In our logo and garment details You can see the symbol- ancient Latvian sign of God that can be translated in many ways, but we see it as the Sacred trinity and Divine polarity- the philosophy about the Spirit, Soul and Body, the inside and the outside.

Awakening the wardrobe and the beautiful Spirit within . . .



Our designs are weawing and reflecting the Ancient and the New.

Inspired by the beauty of the nature and the temples of Ancient civilisations, harmoniously combined with present-time sustainable fabrics, our garment designs are comfortable, unique and wearable for the Sacred ceremony- the Life itself. 

Because together we can choose fashion for the New Time.

So we encourage you . . . to dress as you are, free Spirit

With so much love,