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Pure Copper Tube Aether Pendant

Pure Copper Tube Aether Pendant

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Handmade Aether energy pendant

Round Copper tube or square Steel tube filled with real aether mixture

Neutral pendant design, can be worn wonderfully by women and by men as well.

Approximate dimensions: Diameter 1 cm / 0.4 in , Height 4.5 cm / 1.8 in

Comes with adjustable waxed natural cotton necklace Cord ( approximately 60 cm / 23.6 in ) that can be adjusted to be shorter

Made from:
• Eco Epoxy Resin - plant based and nontoxic.
• inside are Crystals : clear quartz, ametist, black tourmaline, selenite, shungite, quartz sand, magnetite, red jasper, smokey quartz, red garnet, piezoelectric minerals and more
• atomised metals, metal shavings: copper, iron, brass, zinc

> Copper: pure Copper tube with pure Copper BEAD
(copper is metal with very beautiful and powerful crystalline energy structure, loving, protecting and healing, in resonance with our inner feminine energy)

> Silver: pure Steel wand with Hematite BEAD
(steel is derived from iron and it has additional protection effect, it activates will and inner strength, in resonance with our inner masculine energy)

All materials together create a functional art that works methaphysically as an energy generator and transmutator.

Creations are inspired by the researchers who investigating the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered the creation of devices that were named as Orgone Generators- that are more appropriate for nowadays not to just accumulate energy, but to transform and renew energy into its organic form.

Some benefits of Aether- Scalar energy include:
-balancing and revitalizing surrounding energies
-improvements in vitality, wellbeing, peace and relaxation of the body and also improves healthy sleep
-provides a cleaner atmosphere/clears air pollution
-cleansing energy field and aura of blockages – emotions/thoughts/trauma helping clear also subtle bodies
-helps maintain alignment with our own center, higher-self and other higher dimensional frequencies and consciousness
-protection from EMF/EMR/5G non-beneficial fields

These little devices transform, neutralise the distorted and emit positive healing energy. So they are beneficial for helping to maintain strong auric field, for protection, cleansing and for harmonising the environment and emf’s.

Every piece is handmade with the Divine intentions for the highest good, protection, healing, Divine connection and harmony. Every crystal is placed and every layer of resin is poured in with Love for pendant to create strong and beautiful Aether energy field.

With love for Humans, Earth and Divine Plan.

Please note: These are handmade items. They can sometimes have small blemishes or bubbles from the curing process this will never effect its energy. Every energy generator is unique & cures uniquely

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